LF someone named Kellykroc from Gnomeregan [WoW] 31 Aug 16

We found some characters on Battle.net that may be a good match. You should consider reaching out to these players in-game.
Name Realm Class Race Side Level Active Profile
Kellykroc Gnomeregan Warrior Human Alliance 84 29 Jan, 2016 View Profile
Delores Gnomeregan Hunter Troll Horde 40 16 Jan, 2016 View Profile
Thlisa Gnomeregan Druid Night Elf Alliance 76 18 Jun, 2016 View Profile

  • Me and my friend used to game with this girl a lot years ago. Our names were Thlisa and Delores. If anyone knows her or anything please help us out. It's been at least 6 years.

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