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I've played on US Blades Edge, Tichondrious, and Stormrage way back in vanilla. I don't expect anyone to respond from ba..
Me and my friend used to game with this girl a lot years ago. Our names were Thlisa and Delores. If anyone knows her or ..
Hey, guys, I have been playing this game off and on for about 10 years or so. During that time I have made friends, and ..
08-'11 or so... Let's reconnect Bnet: Zack1763
I've been feeling pretty nostalgic for a while so I thought I'd try finding you :) This is Truba/Dundotool from Croatia,..
im just looking for and old friend with who i use to be in a guild with on the sever mal'ganis who had 2 toons a Hunter ..
I used to play with her on Khadgar a few years back during WotLK or Cataclysm! My name back then was Soulrust, and I pla..
Looking for some old guild friends, they went by the name of teesdelinn-belf pally, rumblestump-undead warrior (possible..
You were that noob rogue on Bleeding Hollow back in BC. Started playing WoW again and thought of you. You just disappear..
Looking for old guildies from North Gate Guards / Brotherhood of Gankers / The Core guilds in European Frostwhisper.
Title says it all. He disappeared from our guild, and I'd like to be back in touch with him.
Hello. I am trying to reconnect with some old guild members. It's a long shot, but I thought I'd give it a try. I was in..
The guild was random violence and the the guys names was xitz and xitus. Would love to find this guy again! Cheers.

im looking for Members of Honigdiebe, who are still remembering me.

I know it was arr..
I'm Bpwoods now, but back then I would've been know most likely by Illgetyouson or Rawrzasaur (I cringe reading those na..
Don't remember the name of my guild.

Had a guildie named PeerGold.

There was also a guy..
I was a dwarf paladin. I played with my neighbor, a draenei shaman named Galias. Fibones, Sooteydog, if you guys are out..
Hi, there! I'm reposting this from /r/wow and, as the title says, I'm looking for some help searching for some old guild..
This is a long-shot but.... I have been looking online for any traces or remnants of the Maelstrom Horde Guild "Crusader..
I was a hunter and we were all leveling at the end-ish of TBC, I may have the name wrong but Lurai was a warlock, there ..
I played an undead priest with guilds and . (2007-2008)

Back in Vanilla in the guild First Generation there was a Night Elf Priest named Sedative. Real name Brooke, lived in A..
Played on borean tundra with you
Just seeing if anyone is out there from the glory days. On Dunemaul I was Baller a NE Druid in NoX / Kingsguard in Vanil..
Heard about this sub and I immediately remembered these two people falling off the face of the planet.

If anyone from the good ol YourBummed era wants to send me a PM to talk, I'd love to.
The guild that ran FOR THE HORDE! Every week for black bear mount, went on countless runs.
Are my Canadian buddies out there?

Or if you played with me back in the day leave a message.
Back in Vanilla WoW and for a time in BC I played with a guild... Which was so long ago I can't even recall the name any..
Anyone who played in a raiding guild on Lightninghoof Alliance side from BC to WoTLK would probably remember me. I was t..
Okay, so... a while ago, I had this really good friend I played WoW with. We'd known each other for a handful of years a..
Just looking for people from or from the vanilla time. I had some great times with both o..
if there's any old guild members here I just got my account back from a long time ago
Roflrogue here from Silvermoon US, just looking for some old horde friends I used to have. You know who you are, but I w..
Ralowae, Tauren Hunter, was the first character I made in WoW. Started on Thunderhorn server, took a free transfer to Z..
I raided on Argent Dawn NA for a good part of BC on a Draeni Hunter named Ganieda/Ganiya I can't remember when the name..
I just wanted to catch up with anyone who I played with back then. Character name is the same as my username. Sadly I ca..
During WotLK i played in a guild with a character who called herself "Thevet." She abruptly left one day and never been ..
We all met mid-BC and stuck together for a while. We started a guild called and it was the most fun ..
Used to play on Aegwynn back in Vanilla WoW and raided with the guild Divine Guardians. I had a video of us downing Rag ..
I have been a proud member of TH during its vanilla days and made some pretty good friends from these days. I was a male..
Hey all, I have not played since the level 70 expansion. At level 60 I ran the Battle Ground groups on Whisperwind and h..
Streetvision and I played during vanilla only I'm sure. Maybe it was TBC, but I think not. So we're talking 2005 to 2006..
I was Coso, Human Warrior. Last we spoke was maybe 7 years ago.

Looking for some Vanilla players in World of Warcraft by the name of Aries, I believe he played with..
Hey we used to have a guild in Wrath that you ran. The guild eventually had some drama and a lot of people left. I then ..
Hey there guys. So I play wow but my first account I was part of a guild called heresey on the server windrunner. Used t..