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I've played on US Blades Edge, Tichondrious, and Stormrage way back in vanilla. I don't expect anyone to respond from ba..
I am Broakin / Revend from the DAoC Percival Alb guild "Kindred of Valiance." A few years ago I lost my password to the ..
For whatever reason, I started flashing back to the early days of Everquest. Spent a lot of time on that when it first ..
Me and my friend used to game with this girl a lot years ago. Our names were Thlisa and Delores. If anyone knows her or ..
Used to play with these guys and run the game! My name was jack_bauer.v2 (cringey but I was only 14 or so lol) and I wan..
Long shot from many moons ago. Please get in touch if you see this :)
Hey, guys, I have been playing this game off and on for about 10 years or so. During that time I have made friends, and ..
08-'11 or so... Let's reconnect Bnet: Zack1763
I've been feeling pretty nostalgic for a while so I thought I'd try finding you :) This is Truba/Dundotool from Croatia,..
im just looking for and old friend with who i use to be in a guild with on the sever mal'ganis who had 2 toons a Hunter ..
I used to play with her on Khadgar a few years back during WotLK or Cataclysm! My name back then was Soulrust, and I pla..
Hey guys. I'm looking for a guy, who went by the name Xeon. We played CoD and RaiderZ on alterIWnet and a few months aft..
Looking for some old guild friends, they went by the name of teesdelinn-belf pally, rumblestump-undead warrior (possible..
We played a lot when Guild Wars first came out and we both joined the guild "SH" or Swede Hearts. I remember having a bl..
PM me my'dude!
More specifically any of whom would remember my name (obviously as this would be the time I was playing! :D)

I believe it was back in Halo 2 and 3 days when we met. WildRooster, myself (Pyrosnowman), and you played together for a..
I played with these fellas for YEARS then we all just kinda went our own ways. Would like to see what they're up to nowa..
Hi, I'm looking for old members of my friends Halo clan, rising sun something something. If anyone you are out there ple..
Classicjarhead was the name of my main toon: was looking for old guild members from Rori, our guild name (was) Western ..
One guy was named W4rV3t3r4n I think. He and I played Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox 360 for a long time. He's a brit and he..
Me and Hunter were best friends, but we dropped contact when I suddenly quit.

Skullby/dude, we always di..
I dont expect to find anyone but might as well give it a shot. A lot of people in this guild were like family to me and ..
Killa who was the leader, we gamed a lot together on CS:S along with CoCo Pebbles or something and we had a rival clan I..
Looking for any of the like 40 people who plays Swat 2 online.
You were that noob rogue on Bleeding Hollow back in BC. Started playing WoW again and thought of you. You just disappear..
I know this is a long shot, as I don't even remember our clan name but it's worth a go. I think our clan name had someth..
Hi, I used to play with someone on their terraria server and they live streamed on twitch. One day they just disappeared..
Greetings, I'm looking for a long lost friend that I spent many hours with playing CS1.6 and D2/SC. Age 27-29, from Onta..
Looking for old guildies from North Gate Guards / Brotherhood of Gankers / The Core guilds in European Frostwhisper.
This guy disappeared off the face of the planet without a trace one day after being a major part of the Instagib communi..
He also goes by Brennan. We played a ton together after meeting in a game of N+ in like 2008.

He would k..
We never knew each other outside the realms of Runescape, and we'd both have times of the year we were online or too bus..
Title says it all. He disappeared from our guild, and I'd like to be back in touch with him.
Hello. I am trying to reconnect with some old guild members. It's a long shot, but I thought I'd give it a try. I was in..
The guild was random violence and the the guys names was xitz and xitus. Would love to find this guy again! Cheers.
I was looking for at least 2 that I can remember on runescape. Their users were Sir Irky and Althoze. As far as time has..

im looking for Members of Honigdiebe, who are still remembering me.

I know it was arr..
I'm looking for any of my CityCraft buds that I played with a few years back. I'll put a couple of names of people I rem..
I was Ai|OlaF-AA-

Get at me if you were a member of Ai, or know some old members of Ai.

I am looking for Xylophone the Archmage from Warhammer online: age of reckoning.

Xylophone the Archmage,..
Searching for players from 'Mystara - Black Horizons' RP community.
I'm Bpwoods now, but back then I would've been know most likely by Illgetyouson or Rawrzasaur (I cringe reading those na..
I was a space marine. Looking for my friends, the wizard, the ninja, the gangster, the brawler, and the cowboy.
It was way early SWG, just after launch- but I remember running into a fat Mon Calamari by the name of Skrewed/Skrewd or..
My gamertag was "egwanaman" and I had later changed it to "sonicthehipster"

List of some names I can reme..
Hey everyone, I'm looking for a guy who went by the handle Fladian.

I remember he was living in the nethe..
Hey, cannot remember this name for the life of me. Was it General? Zero? Not sure.

However this story sho..
Have you seen this man?
67th Platoon was quite a large clan, had divisions for various games... Battlefield 1942/Vietnam, Americas Army, Counter..